Last weekend I was able to add some fun upgrades to Watari. First off a new (used) Gennaker thanks to Toya-san at Hood Sails. It took me a little while to launch it the first time. As I was singlehanding downwind in about 10 knots I couldn’t get Watari to track very straight, and the new Gennaker spent more time swimming than flying. When I finally got all the lines and positioning worked out she took off like a rocket though! This is my new favourite sail, and I’ve already been able to reduce engine usage thanks to the added light wind power.



Thanks to the wrecked S&S 30 that my friend Peter on SV Velvet Moon found I was able to salvage a battery switch, 12 meter length of anchor chain, lazarette hatch cover, plastic dinghy that fits on the foredeck, and these awesome looking roll bars! She looks like a real racer now 🙂



Just kidding, the bars are actually a frame for a spray dodger. It will be a while before I have the budget to fashion the canvas cover and vinyl windows for it, but for now these heavy duty bars provide a much needed handhold when going on deck from the cockpit. This has been my primary concern with Watari’s deck layout. I love the flush deck for its lack of windage, but the lack of good handholds was a safety issue.

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