Sheltering in Velasis

Not many pics this time. Just a short post to update that Watari is all safe after the two typhoons we’ve had pass through recently. Last week was 1609 Mindulle, this week 1610 Lionrock. Lionrock was a big one, but passed by safely offshore.

After a weekend of sailing around Sagami Bay I pulled into Velasis to ride out Lionrock. It was a rough ride back at the end of the trip with gusts of about 25-30 knots and a strong current running out of the bay. A bad chop combined with incoming typhoon swells of about 3 meters. I couldn’t get back to Katsuyama as it was already closed and typhoon lines set, so beat upwind to Velasis. It took several hours, with waves breaking over her from stem to stern, but now Watari’s happy in a nice berth with a spiderweb of lines holding her securely in a visitor berth.


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