Rebuilding the Companionway Part 2

This is a pretty big job. I spent another weekend slowly working away at fixing all the damage the previous owner did. It was extremely hot this weekend, so one of the first things I did is rig up a temporary dodger cover for some shade.

It was useful both for shade cover and for giving me an idea of what it will be like with a dodger cover on, the companionway bulkhead rebuilt, and the traveler repositioned back to the original spot. It’s pretty awkward to get in and out of the cabin, but like everything on a boat it’s a trade-off. In this case convenience vs seaworthiness and safety. So worth it.

I cut some plywood frames and luan (meranti, Philippine mahogany) studs as a framework.

Then I coated it all in a layer of resin.

Still need to finish sanding, fiberglass, and paint. She’s coming along, slowly.

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