Off Season

I haven’t been able to get out sailing on Watari for the past month now. We made one little trip to watch the Enoshima fireworks, after which I anchored in Zushi harbour and met some friends who live there.

The little dinghy was tested to its limit ferrying people back and forth from the beach.zushi1


But with no engine the trip was quite a trial, and Kiwako didn’t enjoy it much. We lost the wind completely on the trip back and it took all day and most of the night.

With all the repairs that are required now (P-bracket, starter, some standing rigging), I’ve decided to take Watari out of the water again this winter. I’ve also gotten quite busy with a change in my work (now back to being self-employed), so I’m saving up now to do a proper round of repairs and a spring refit. I’m looking forward to getting all the little repairs done and her back in the water next spring!

The change in my work means I can travel more now though, and one advantage of that was that I got to visit Okinawa again last week. It was a pleasure to stay on My Way again, and to go for a sail with Carey. It was just like rewinding two months back to summer!


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