Mainsheet Traveler, Engine Intake, Exhaust

Today the morning was rainy and it blew a gale all day, so I spent the day working inside the boat. I was able to find the original fiddle pulleys, cam cleats, and traveler pulleys to properly rig up the mainsheet traveler again, and the Marina gave me a line for the mainsheet that was just the right size. The previous owner had removed the traveler for easier access to the companionway and replaced it with a double mainsheet system, but I prefer the inconvenience of the traveler running across the cockpit in favor of better sail trim. It got dark before I got a good pic of that so I’ll post one next time.

Next I installed the new exhaust hose and water lock. During the engine overhaul I replaced the exhaust elbow with the correct size, which required replacing the exhaust hose too, and making and adapter to fit the waterlock. Very tight spaces meant this job took a couple hours longer than I expected, but I’m happy to have it completed!

Finally I drilled a hole in the hull through the patch I made over the previous too-large hole, and installed the new smaller diameter throughhull strainer and seacock for the engine cooling water intake. Here’s a pic of the hole with throughhull beside it ready for install:


And here it is all sealed in place complete with nylon flexible backing plate and water intake hose installed (hose clamp to be added later):


These mark the final structural and mechanical items to be done before launch. All that remains now is cosmetic; painting the topsides, cove stripe, and putting her name on!

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