Off Season


I haven’t been able to get out sailing on Watari for the past month now. We made one little trip to watch the Enoshima fireworks, after which I anchored in Zushi harbour and met some friends who live there. The little dinghy was tested to its limit ferrying people back and forth from the beach. But with no engine the …

Oshima, Shimoda and Kouzushima


This was our most epic voyage yet, 8 days aboard sailing with 1st Mate Nick Benavides offshore to the Izu Islands. New dodger bars and jacklines (for safety harnesses were installed). We sailed to Oshima, where the water was crystal clear in Habu Harbour. We enjoyed exploring the underwater world, and Nick speared his first fish… I though the local …



Last weekend I was able to add some fun upgrades to Watari. First off a new (used) Gennaker thanks to Toya-san at Hood Sails. It took me a little while to launch it the first time. As I was singlehanding downwind in about 10 knots I couldn’t get Watari to track very straight, and the new Gennaker spent more time …

A Quick Run Across Tokyo Bay


Here’s a little video of sailing back across the bay from Velasis to Katsuyama. It was blowing about 25 knots and made for a quick, fun run! 🙂 Watari’s now back at home. Facebook Comments

Sheltering in Velasis


Not many pics this time. Just a short post to update that Watari is all safe after the two typhoons we’ve had pass through recently. Last week was 1609 Mindulle, this week 1610 Lionrock. Lionrock was a big one, but passed by safely offshore. After a weekend of sailing around Sagami Bay I pulled into Velasis to ride out Lionrock. …

A Lesson in Anchoring


To my fellow skippers. What can you determine about anchoring conditions when you look at this picture? Would you feel this beach offers good holding? What would you want to check before anchoring? It’s probably deceptive, but 10 meters from the beach what looks like a nice sandy bottom is actually only a light covering of sand over a solid, slick rock reef. …

The Headaches of Boat Ownership


Well, it looks like Typhoon Mindulle passed Chiba without too much damage. Winds were about 60 knots, which was likely only around half that in the protected harbour. I’m waiting to hear from the other pleasure boat owners if Watari suffered any visible damage. I won’t be able to go out and check for sure until Friday night after work. …

Typhoon Prediction


It’s been a long, hot summer, and the warming ocean’s evaporation has begun to build tropical depressions one after the other. Typhoon season is upon us. I’ve been studying meteorology lately, trying to learn how to follow weather maps issued by the JMA (Japan Meteorological Association). Out at sea these maps are the best source of weather info. Offshore there’s …

Refit Phase 2 – Interior


The past couple of weeks I’ve been busy on a project that started out fairly simply, then rapidly expanded, as most boat projects do. When I launched Watari at the start of the summer I had never actually seen her in the water before. I had no idea if she would live up to my expectations, and so no idea …

Hayama Beach


After our epic trip down to Shimoda with its white sand beaches I got to wondering if there were any beaches like that closer to home. Yep, a little google searching led me to this article: Number 65 on CNN’s list of 100 best beaches worldwide is Hayama, just a few hours sail away? Time to go exploring! I set …